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Fine Arts, personal items, floaters

No need to own a museum, have an extensive collection of fine arts or a stocked wine cellar before you consider adding Fine Arts, personal items or floater coverage to your insurance portfolio. Many people have just a handful of precious gifts, family antiques or special, valuable items that they assume are covered on their basic homeowners policy but, in fact that may not be the case. Many times a homeowners policy has limited protection when it comes to those items that are most dear to you.

Something as simple as the stone falling out of an engagement ring may not be covered on your current policy at all. Endorsing your current policy or purchasing separate valuable items coverage can help protect you against the risk of physical loss of your most treasured belongings.

Speak with one of our personal lines experts to review your current coverages or request a quote to see if ADP Statewide can help you keep those valuables that are most near and dear to you covered.

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