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General Liability Insurance for Business

ADP Statewide takes great pride in being small business experts and we take your business very seriously. One of the key components to protecting your business assets is securing a General Liability Policy with the right limits to meet your needs. A General Liability Policy is designed to protect business owners, principals and operators against a wide variety of liability exposures such as:

  • liability arising from personal injury
  • negligence that results in fire damage to the property you rent
  • liability caused by products you sold or completed operations
  • liability that is contractually obligated
  • Defense costs incurred by your company regardless of fault

Today’s society is increasingly litigious and small businesses are well aware that even a small misstep‚ can lead to a large lawsuit. General Liability will protect your assets and operations from claims even if they are caused by your company’s negligence.

We have many skilled professionals with expertise in a variety of business operations and access to a very large number of companies that gives us a clear advantage over other agents. Contact us today or complete the quick quote request form to start the conversation to make sure your business has the right protections in place.


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