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Volunteer Benefits: Animal Welfare Insurance Program

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The AWIP Volunteer Accident Insurance Plan, developed in collaboration with PetFinder and United States Fire Insurance Company, is an effective solution for insuring your volunteers in case they¢‚¬„¢re accidentally injured while they are engaged in shelter or rescue group authorized volunteer activities.

Who is Eligible?
All authorized volunteers of your shelter or rescue group are automatically‚ covered. No name lists are required!

All authorized volunteers are automatically covered at the shelter or rescue group. Coverage includes: travel and participation in supervised or sponsored activities. Coverage begins the day immediately following the day the premium and application are received

To learn more about this benefit and apply for coverage,‚ please click here. The application is on the last page of the brochure.

Program Benefits:
Accident Medical Expense if an insured person incurs eligible medical expenses due to a covered‚ activity and within one year from the date of a covered accident,‚ benefits are payable for 100% of the usual and customary charge,‚ up to the Accident Medical Expense Benefit Maximum selected. The‚ first expense must be incurred within 180 days of a covered accident.

Covered expenses include:

Hospital & Intensive Care Room & Board
Emergency Room Treatment
In-patient & Out-patient Physician Office Visits
X-ray & Laboratory
In-patient & Out-patient Physical Therapy
Medical Equipment Rental Charges
Medical Services & Supplies (Blood, Blood Transfusions, Oxygen)
Prescription Drugs
Option #1‚ will reimburse a covered person on a Primary basis.
This means benefits are payable regardless of any other Health Care
Plan the insured person is covered by.
Option #2‚ will reimburse a covered person on a Full Excess basis.
This means benefits are payable for eligible medical expenses that are
in excess of benefits paid by any other Health Care Plan. In the event
the insured person has no other Health Care Plan coverage, benefits
are payable on a Primary coverage basis.


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